Twin Win Structured Notes

What is TWSN?

Twin Win Structured Notes are a form of structured product, which are pre-packaged investments that offer easy access to derivatives. Unlike traditional investments, returns on structured products are paid once it reaches maturity. With TWSN, a barrier is set up in relation to a stock’s spot price, ensuring returns whether share prices increase or decrease, so long as it remains within the barrier.

How does it work?

An investor selects a stock and contract period. Then a Knock In and Knock Out Barrier is established in relation to the stock’s current price, the Spot Price. If the stock fluctuates within the barriers, the investor will receive their Scheduled Payout for the month, as well as an Absolute Maturity Payout at the end of the contract period.

If the stock price rises and exceeds the Knock Out Barrier, the investor receives both their Scheduled Payout and the gains associated with the stock.

If the stock price falls below the Knock In barrier, the investor does not receive their Scheduled Payout and the stock price will be capped at the Knock In barrier for the contract period to prevent further losses.



With barriers set in place, investors will be able to minimise the effects of volatility while still receiving regular payouts. This makes TWSN a stable and predictable investment option to the general public. Altimates offers TWSN Contracts for a selected number of stocks which have been researched and analysed to provide the safest and most profitable return on investment.