3 Reasons Why 2021 Is The Best Time To Start Monetizing Your Passion

The cryptocurrency market is booming but you have no idea how to profit from it? Read this to start earning.

3 Reasons Why 2021 Is The Best Time To Start Monetizing Your Passion

Covid-19 is expected to cause the worst economic downturn in history. As countries go into lockdowns resulting from the third wave of covid-19, Joe Biden, the president of the U.S. warned that the worst of the pandemic is still ahead of us.

While it will take a long time for countries to rebound from the impact of the pandemic and the extended lockdown, can the people’s livelihood be salvaged from the worst pandemic crisis since the 2008 financial crisis?

Global Recession

With aviation companies like Air Asia and Singapore Airlines retrenching thousands of staff and various industries facing closure, 2020 has plunged the world into a serious financial crisis. Yet, there’s one market that shined throughout the pandemic year, making headlines in newspapers now and then.

Cryptocurrency Boom

The cryptocurrency market has always been the highest growing market in this digital age but it became bigger when the pandemic hits in 2020. Bitcoin’s drop in March 2020 only to be elevated to a greater height, with BTC’s market capitalisation up to 160% in 2020 alone, even reaching an all-time high of $41K at the beginning of 2021.

The growing acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrency has boosted cryptocurrency trends, allowing the inception of tokenomics and for crypto to make revolutionary impacts on the global market.

Cryptocurrency is expected to continue booming despite the gloomy economic outlook. With giant companies like Paypal accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment and China launching their own cryptocurrency, there is no doubt that cryptocurrency is driving the future of the economy.

Profiting From Arbitrage

Still, there are concerns about the volatility of the market, how an altcoin could get a 20% spike after Elon Musk’s Twitter shout-out. But the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies makes it ideal for arbitrage trading as crypto investors are able to safeguard and maximise their funds by taking advantage of market inefficiency. Especially for newcomers in the crypto space, arbitrage trading in Altimates platform will provide the lowest risk possible while capturing every arbitrage opportunity the moment they arise.

Arbitrage Opportunities Are Endless

While asset tokenization continues to grow into a sustainable market trend, Altimates has been providing asset tokenization service and value-added crypto arbitrage trading.

How does Altimates create a sustainable and interconnected ecosystem that supports instant arbitrage trading? The answer lies in their technology.

Altimates Intelligence (AI) plays a key role in Altimates platform that facilitates high volume trades instantly and simultaneously with higher efficiency and seamless user experience. By integrating Blockchain technology and AI, Altimates 5th Gen Arbitrage Mode was developed to offer a more efficient and high-performance arbitrage solution to users in their user-centred platform. Simply put, Altimates simplifies arbitrage processes for minimal risk exposure and maximum return.

AI Tech Breakthrough

As a leading arbitrage platform, Altimates is committed to bringing inclusiveness, believing that global digitalisation is an inclusive movement where investment is an equal opportunity for everyone to achieve a greater living standard.

More than anything, Altimates hopes to serve as a bridge for future tokenomic trading by pushing forward technological advancement that would ultimately support greater security and sustainable development for more fruitful investment return for users.

Fusion of Five Tech

Altimates’ solution helps accelerate arbitrage transactions while ensuring endless arbitrage opportunity with the convergence of multiple features powered by Altimates Intelligence (AI).

1)Quick Trade

Altimates users can concurrently view real-time price discrepancies in various exchanges, making transactions easier and more efficient.

2)AI Auto Mode

Altimates automated arbitrage trading mode can now be easily done with one click with the amalgamation of Altimates Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, big data analysis and cloud computing.

3)Social Trade

Users can trade like other top traders by copying their trading patterns and strategies, enabling users to improve and simultaneously diversify their investment portfolio.

4)Market Tracking & Signal

Altimates automatically notify users of any significant market and trading events, ensuring each and every arbitrage opportunity is captured.

5)30 Day AI Market Predictions

Altimates ensures secure, flexible and comprehensive risk control capabilities for users to make informed decisions based on authorised news and updates on the global cryptocurrency market.

Enhanced Connectivity

While the global pandemic has caused many companies to accelerate their digital transformation, Altimates has already created Altimates Intelligence Token (AIT) for a self-sustaining economy that promotes greater safety and advancement in the digital ecosystem.

By creating a unified digital wallet, Altimates ensures their users a more efficient C2C exchange with secure and decentralised storage capability for instant cryptocurrency transactions.

Apart from having a simple user interface that includes easy access across 20 exchanges in a single browser for real-time comparison, Altimates have a dedicated team of crypto experts who work around the clock to provide tech support, ensuring the highest quality standards expected Altimates users.

Arbitrage For Everyone

Moving forward, tokenized assets have opened doors of opportunity towards a broader investment market and cryptocurrency will inevitably become the future currency for a thriving global economy.

With the concept of transparency and openness incorporated in the system, Altimates is committed to becoming the leading blockchain asset investment partner for every investor in their quest for innovative crypto arbitrage solutions.

In the meantime, Altimates will continuously develop a robust and reliable system with the leverage of AI-equipped analysis tools to completely eliminate risk while users reap the benefits of each arbitrage opportunity. Knowing how cryptocurrency was becoming an ever more important asset during the pandemic, Altimates hopes to enrich the next generation of people to fully take advantage of the potential of arbitrage as well as to revolutionise the financial system with cryptocurrency’s underlying technology.

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