The World's Leading Blockchain Asset Investment Platform

From our core philosophy to big ideas, we've summarised our company goals and future plans into a simple guide.

The World's Leading Blockchain Asset Investment Platform
About Altimates

Altimates was conceived from the desire to provide cutting-edge technology for effective blockchain asset arbitrage solutions to users around the world.  

Founded in 2019, Altimates deeply acknowledges the future of blockchain in cryptocurrency trading and tokenization of assets as blockchain and cryptocurrency transform the global investment landscape. 

Altimates group is formed by a team of knowledgeable experts coming from diverse industry backgrounds with wide professional experience to work towards the goal of transforming the world with tokenomic trading.
Altimates aspires to provide optimized solutions across industries through tokenomics and to improve quality of life through arbitrage opportunities.

Platform for Everyone

Altimates believes in giving an equal opportunity to everyone. Most investment tools are offered only to high net value individuals, hence Altimates has created a fair playing ground to everyone for equal access to its tools and services.

By having blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing technology working in unison with Altimates 5th generation crypto arbitrage technology, Altimates provides a stable and risk-free platform to all users.

Through Altimates platform,  users are able to access real-time market data that connects to 20 other crypto trading platforms in one window screen and trade with crypto exchange giants that support the sales and investment of cryptocurrency.

Tackling Industry Pain Points 

While blockchain and cryptocurrency seem to make an excellent addition to the investment market, we must understand that the system is not perfect. Unsafe crypto trading platforms that serve subpar quality standards due to technological limitations further deter potential users.

Core Philosophy 

Altimates has then brought permanent solutions to address age-old challenges. To do so, Altimates' open governance system allows users to trade freely, giving users full control over their item while all our trading records are open for public viewing. 

Next, Altimates is also committed to bridging the wealth gap by preventing unfair transactions, which is achievable by making tools and services available for anyone who wants to dive into arbitrage trading. 

Altimates embraces transparency within the platform with links to over 20 major exchanges and complete transparency and traceability in all processes, making sure there is no hidden fee imposed on users.

Identifying Main Strengths 

Since the beginning, Altimates is determined to open the window of opportunity for millions of users worldwide through strengthening our core strategy.  Upon realising the future aspects of blockchain assets, Altimates has prioritised providing the latest arbitrage tools and services to ensure all users can gain the most ideal investment returns.  

Altimates Intelligence (AI) plays a key role in every transaction within the platform. It executes millions of transactions automatically within one second, performs machine learning 24/7 while produces smart contracts for complex businesses. 

Altimates practices the concept of openness and inclusiveness. We adhere to the principle of “together we build, together we share”, believing that global digitalisation is an inclusive movement where investment is an equal opportunity for everyone to achieve a greater living standard. 

The Tokenomic Evolution

The digital market is ever-evolving and Altimates always have to stay one step ahead in developing ingenious solutions beyond imagination. The advancement of blockchain gave rise to tokenized assets which possess greater liquidity and reduced transaction time. 

Altimates fully embraces the concept of tokenomics with the official launch of Altimates 3.0 and the creation of Altimates Intelligence Token (AIT). This effort is made to foster a more complete and inclusive crypto trading environment. 

More Than Just A Token

As we witness the widespread adoption of blockchain assets, Altimates has created Altimates Intelligence Token (AIT) for a self-sustaining economy that promotes greater safety and advancement in the digital ecosystem.

WIth token issuance limited at 100 million, Altimates Intelligence Token (AIT) circulates throughout Altimates’ ecosystem, connects with Arbitrage AI System (AAIS) deposit account to bring convenience and accessibility to all users. 

Altimates secure and decentralised storage capability allows transaction of cryptocurrencies within minutes. Unified management of AIT and USDT allows funds of any cryptocurrency to safely store and trade anytime and anywhere. 

Other than its one-click payment, Altimates provides users with the ultimate crypto trading experience with high liquidity and low transaction fees with their unified digital wallet, ensuring a more efficient C2C exchange. 

All-In-One Platform For All

Altimates Intelligence Token (AIT) complements with Altimates 5th Gen Arbitrage Mode which equips with unique feature improvements and specially curated Arbitrage AI System (AAIS) plan named Supportive, Robotic and Social, each dedicated to fulfilling different users preference and needs. 

Supportive arbitrage is created for users who have investment knowledge that can commit the time to pursue an active income. Altimates allows users to gain maximum profit and hands-on trading experience at the same time.  

Robotic arbitrage best suits users who have clear investment goals and logic. They know their investment style and are knowledgeable about investment strategies but have less time to execute their plan. 

Social arbitrage is for those who can’t find time to do research on investment but have a passion for investing. These types of users believe that Altimates’ solid system will provide them a great amount of flexibility and also security.  Social arbitrage includes special features from supportive and robotic arbitrage plans, making it easy to execute, even for beginners. 

Altimates caters the best trading plans for all kinds of users. Whatever you want, Altimates have it for you. 

Fusion of Technology 

After constant upgrades and integration of the blockchain technology, Altimates 5th Gen Arbitrage Mode was developed to offer a more efficient and high-performance solution powered by Altimates Intelligence (AI). 

1) Quick Trade

Provides quick trade that enables users to simultaneously view real-time price discrepancies in different exchanges, where profit is obtained instantly with one click. 

2) AI Auto Mode

Automated arbitrage trading is executed via Altimates Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, big data analysis and cloud computing.

3) Social Trade

Users can now trade like other top traders by copying their trading patterns and strategies, which ultimately improve and diversify their investment portfolio.

4) Market Tracking & Signal

Notifies significant market and trading events to ensure all arbitrage opportunities are simultaneously captured. 

5) 30 Day AI Market Predictions

Combines Altimates Intelligence (AI) robot and crypto experts to provide an accurate and comprehensive AI market prediction for better risk control capabilities and strategic investment plans.

Achieving Win-Win Synergy 

A strong mutual benefit system has to be formed to achieve synergies between Altimates and users. Altimates has developed Matrixplication that aims to reward Altimates members who help build our blockchain ecosystem and expand the community. 

Every new user who signed up under Altimates and deposited $200 in their AIT wallet are entitled to Matrixplication, where they will be placed in a block consisting of 15 nodes. 

In every block, there would be one block master waiting for the block to be completed by 14 other nodes, which will be filled in by new traders. Once the block is completed, the block master graduates and will be rewarded with $400 AIT. 

The complete block is then separated into two blocks and existing traders are reshuffled according to their ranks. Their ranks will be based on the number of trading volumes and direct sponsors they manage.  

The cycle begins again with new traders entering the block, filling the nodes and completing the block. Through the concept of profit sharing, everyone will be able to help each other to build consistent wealth in the long run. 

Establishing Cryptocurrency Exchange 

To ensure the consistent flow of blockchain assets in the Altimates ecosystem, Altimates vows to pursue expansion in the arbitrage markets and slowly build its way up. 

By 2023, Altimates is looking forward to setting up a world-class cryptocurrency exchange, allowing anyone to partake in the global digitalisation of the finance world.  

Moving Forward with Altimates

Asset tokenization will continue to grow into a sustainable market trend and Altimates will be at the forefront in providing top-notch asset tokenization service and value-added crypto arbitrage trading. 

Altimates hopes to serve as a bridge for future tokenomic trading by building a digital platform with more dynamic and refined user experience, ultimately enabling a more fruitful investment return that evokes a sense of fairness, openness and transparency for everyone.