About Altimates

Altimates deeply acknowledges the future of blockchain in cryptocurrency trading and tokenization of assets, hence we are aspired to optimized solutions across industries through tokenomics for the future of today’s generation and help improve quality of life through arbitrage opportunities. Altimates focuses on providing fruitful investment return which emits the light of transparency, fairness, and openness for the benefit of everyone.

With Altimates, we ride the arbitrage waves of success.
Blockchain Asset Investment

Altimates opens the door of new market with AI arbitrage to gain the most ideal investment returns.

Revolutionised Artificial Intelligence

Enables millions of transactions within seconds with 24/7 machine learning and smart contract.

Openness & Inclusiveness

Altimates provides an equal investment opportunity for everyone and not just high net worth individuals.

Our Advancement

Derivative Investment

Altimates has launched the Twin Win Structured Notes (TWSN) to provide the most substantial return on investment for individuals at all levels and not restricted to high-net-worth individuals.

Crypto Arbitrage Trading

Built on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, Altimates provides investors fruitful investment returns and a stable, risk-free trading environment.


The blockchain fueled artificial intelligence arbitrage trading reinforces greater security and sustainable development which can benefit all participants including token holders and users.


  • Establishment of Altimates. Joint partnership with major banks and financial institutions
February 2019
  • Announce the release of Twin Win Structured Note. Investments no longer limited only to high net worth investors
2020 Q1
  • Launch Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading (C.A.T.)
March 2020
  • Launch Altimates Intelligence, an AI-enhanced technology for automated cryptocurrency arbitrage trading
2020 Q3
  • Altimates platform operates entirely on the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
November 2020
  • Altimates aims to launch our first ICO by 2020
Late 2021
  • As nodes gain mutual benefits globally, dividends will be issued via airdrop
  • Altimates to be listed in exchanges to provide a more free and secure trading mode
  • Altimates to go public through IPO by 2025



AltiMates Trading Limited is certified by the Registrar of Corporate Affairs in the British Virgin Islands as a British Virgin Islands Business Company. This ensures competent and accountable financial services, as well as the financial security of the company.