Management Team

The management team have graduated from world-renowned universities with diverse working backgrounds in finance and tech industries. Their expertise and management skills have led them to embrace an international perspective on things as well as a strong technology vision.

Currently, the team is focusing on managing, supervising and coordinating Altimates’ value-added products and services with the goal of transforming the world with Altimates’ tokenomic trading.


Technical Team

Altimates technical team consists of passionate blockchain professionals around the world. With over 30 R&D experts who once served in multinational companies and decades of field experience, the team is equipped with a strong design sense, especially in technical architecture and core algorithms designs.

The team is capable of seizing the perfect investment opportunity for consistent value growth. Altimates strives to build a long-term strategic portfolio based on investor's risk profiles, giving them the best return on investment.


Advisory Team

Altimates has brought together a team of blockchain advisors, financial researchers and marketing experts with industry experience in corporate giants like McKinsey, Google, and Huobi, etc. They are familiar with the standard digital operations, management blueprints and upholding quality standards. The team has also dealt with numerous asset management and related projects which prepares them to provide professional advice according to project needs, ensuring the highest quality standards expected by Altimates users.