What Kind of Crypto Investor Are You?

There are many kinds of investors in the cryptocurrency market, but what kind are you?

What Kind of Crypto Investor Are You?

There are many kinds of investors in the cryptocurrency market. We have those who have been trading for years, those who only invest whenever they’re in the mood, novice traders who are eager to hop onto the investing trend, etc.

Curious to know what kind of crypto investor are you? Take a 3 min test with us and find out your investing style!

1. Are you good at managing your assets? 

  1. Of course → 10 points
  2. I do it depending on my feeling → 8 points
  3. It's hard for me → 3 points

2. Are you good with numbers?

  1. Not bad → 8 points
  2. I’m good with it → 10 points
  3. Not really → 3 points

3. How would you react to an unexpected situation?

  1. I love adventures and I would challenge myself → 8 points
  2. Get stressed and impatient → 3 points
  3. Try to clear my head, solving is better than avoiding → 10 points

4. Do you often feel that you don’t have enough time?

  1. No → 10 points
  2. Often → 8 points
  3. I guess so → 3 points

5. Do you generally trust other people's words?

  1. I only believe in my own judgment → 10 points
  2. I would discuss with others → 8 points
  3. I would believe in one-sided opinions → 3 points

6. How long does it take for you to make a decision?

  1. I have trouble making decisions → 8 points
  2. I am always decisive → 10 points
  3. I’m not sure → 3 points

7. What has the greatest influence in your life?

  1. My emotions → 8 points
  2. My principles → 10 points
  3. I don’t know → 3 points


If you're in this category, you are an active investor. You are experienced and has a deep understanding of the market, maybe even tried out different crypto strategies like hodling to swing trading.

You are adventurous. You prefer real experience and you are prepared to face any kinds of challenges. You also want full control over your own investment and take pride in making your own income.

While you have the time to closely monitor the market, Altimates, the leading Blockchain Asset Investment platform has the right tool to make trading easier for you.

Altimates' Supportive Arbitrage has Market Tracking & Signal that will notify you of any significant market and trading events, making sure you are the first to take action.

Moreover, Altimates Quick Trade allows you to trade for yourself to gain hands-on experience and to efficiently improve your investment skills.


Those that fall under this category are casual investors. You have the knacks for investing but you often don't have enough time to execute your plan.

You possess a great sense of investment logic and you are looking to diversify their investment portfolio. You understand investment strategies and keep up with the latest news and updates in the crypto market.

No time to trade? Altimates' AI Auto Mode integrates blockchain and Altimates Intelligence (AI) that will automatically trade for you, which is an excellent suit for those who have less time to spend. Altimates Robotic plan also provides 30 Days AI Market Predictions that will guide you to make smarter trading choices and better arbitrage strategy.


First of all, a warm welcome to those that are listed in this category, you are a curious beginner.

You are interested (maybe even passionate!) in investing but you are still unfamiliar with it. You may not have any investment background, but you have the time to spend on understanding the mechanics behind it. You want flexibility and you pursue total freedom on the things you do.

For those under the newcomer category, Altimates' Social Arbitrage is definitely a perfect fit for you. It incorporates Social Trade features that allows you to duplicate Super Trader's trading strategies and patterns. You can now up your game and earn as much as experienced traders, all just a click away!

Is it risky to invest with zero-investment knowledge?

There are definitely risks in everything you do. The question you should ask is, how do you minimize risk to the lowest while gaining maximum profit? Altimates platform guarantees low-risk and secure blockchain asset investment through arbitrage trading.

With crypto arbitrage trading robots in Altimates platform, arbitrage opportunities are endless while arbitrage trading can be instant and risk-free.

Zero-risk platform for all

Arbitrage trading can be zero-risk with Altimates leading you through the way. In your perilous journey to reap a fortune, let Altimates be the one to guide you forward. 

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